Stronger relationships, create better outcomes.

Working with you to guide you through all the peaks and troughs of managing people to make your relationships stronger, and dare we say it: “adult”. We only let go when you’re ready to jump. Our team of experts work alongside your Leadership teams and/or HR departments, to support you. How much or little of it you use is up to you but what’s really important to our relationship is that we collaborate with you. We don’t just tell you how to do it and stand back, we work with you to build and develop what you have.

We will develop your skills to better manage your people. Through positive, powerful conversations; through building on what works in your organisation and really establishing some core principles by which you can always operate; the design and development framework.


We know that for a long time you’ve believed that HR is either a necessary evil or something you’d rather not offer at all. We want to change that! We know that HR is so much more than processes and we want to really demonstrate why it matters and what elements of the whole sector you need and when.

  • We work with leaders to overcome their own perceptions of what HR can do.
  • We work with HR teams to build stronger working practices.
  • And we stop fires from starting in the business so you can all concentrate on the good stuff.

We just want you to get the best results without the pain.


Fresh seed - Understanding your organisation

In order to truly get the best from your organisation we spend time getting to know how you operate. We work alongside your Leadership, your HR and other areas of your business to truly get to know how you tick and then we give you our expert advice and of course, we’re on hand to help you implement it all, if you require it.

Future thinking

What you create is transformation, we help you find and keep the people, to keep transforming.

We don’t have a crystal ball but we do understand that work is changing: AI has arrived; working hours have shifted and better behaviours in the workplace are far more valuable than top down decisions that don’t cascade effectively. We help you build your teams around these changes to the workplace helping you to attract and keep your talent.

Developing your in house function

We leave our trace by investing in your teams.

Fresh seed - Developing your in-house function

Whether it’s your in-house HR person or your whole business, we coach, develop and train. Tailoring our expertise to your requirements and your ethos. We teach you to plan for the future and build on the strengths of your organisation, without losing what’s at the core of this very special industry.

Building your culture

Your ideas about your company, brought to life.

We know that your ethos is to have fun and get the job done so we build that ethos into all your interactions so they become innate behaviours until you don’t know how it works, it just does. It’s not magic but it feels that way when it works. From recruitment, to retaining people we help you get the best out of them.


Celebrating the strengths of your business is our greatest joy.

We want to help you celebrate all that is great about your business. With our expertise we help you create your business to be stronger, better and more effective than it already is. We give you a way to recognise and reward the talent, to develop the teams and to give you a brand that is powerful, robust and positive.

Fresh seed - Celebrating the strengths of your business