Why does well-being matter in the Creative Industries?

This is an issue really close to my heart and something I hope we are recognising needs a whole industry approach.

Many years ago in the early days of my career I started working for a Website Design Agency. I LOVED the job, the people and the work we delivered. It was such an exciting time for the industry – then known as New Media – because it was new! Websites were only just beginning to emerge and were yet to revolutionise the way we live, but it was beginning. I remember when Amazon launched, doing virtually all my Christmas shopping through it and feeling so smug that I didn’t have to battle the overflowing car parks to begin my shopping day and end it worn out and underwhelmed by my purchases knowing I’d have to go back again. Amazon was a joy!

But with that role came a darker side, a far more human and far more challenging side to my younger self. Mental Health. It felt to me that a good third of the workforce had an issue with their well-being. More profoundly than feeling a little low, enough that our “duvet day” option was overused. It was then that I did a short but invaluable counselling training course. That course set me on the most incredible career journey but equally has informed my passion for the industry because I know how much it needs nurturing and loving. I know how much these people running the businesses and operating in them, don’t need to be told what to do, they need to be helped to grow.

So for me, leading Fresh Seed and creating an HR company, it has always been about focusing on what the industry needs, not what I know as an HR Director but what you need as a business. Well-being and Leadership Development are at our hearts. Helping you grow without clipping your wings is absolutely paramount to us. And passionately, and sometimes slightly excitedly waving the flag for this precious industry. Creating doesn’t have to conform but it doesn’t have to rebel either.

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