Are you leading the change?

There is much debate around at the moment about what parts of our old lives will reform in the new.  But there is nothing more exciting than opportunity and that’s what this is; opportunity.  Change is not for everyone but as we come through the fear, the anxiety and the challenges that Covid-19  has created, I hope we see this is our time to create a new 21st Century way of operating.  

Working life has changed, not just because of Covid-19 but because of technology and science.  What better time to be part of the change and create something positive and new.  With the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, being revered for her 4 day working week and the way she’s handled this crisis, are we ready to be part of the difference in our own world or are we still looking to others to lead the way?  

The argument and science behind flexible working and working from home have been around a long time.  We know from a scientific, researched point of view they work.  We also know from our own recent experiences working from home or flexibly is no longer up for debate, it’s happened, albeit without the catch up over coffee moments but productivity wise, it’s clearly working well.

But perhaps beyond the science and the research, it works because we have time to get out and exercise in daylight hours, we get to care for elderly parents or children and it works because the environment isn’t plundered by cars and traffic and over use.  Perhaps now, we’ll shift the conversations from it doesn’t work for us, to how can we make it work for us?

Perhaps now we can take a step beyond this, to be part of forming the new and better 21st Century working world. 

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