Strong connections create better workplaces.

We’ll help you find ways to make work stronger, and better together. We call it HR for the 21st century: People first.

We know that HR is often seen as the bad guy, the one to stop growth and we are on a mission to show we really are not the bad guy, we’re professional services with a skip in our step and a creative edge!

The key to your business growth and development lies in the people who work for you and how you invest in them. We educate and develop the people leading your company – whether its the MD or the HR team – we create positive relationships and create plans with you to shape your business for now and the future. We don’t always follow the rules you might think belong to the HR sector, we show you that working with people is always better with a plan – no red marker pen insight or head shaking with us.

Our founder Sarah Brewster, has worked in the Creative Sector for almost 20 years – there was a brief period in the corporate world but she prefers not to talk about that because, let’s just say, it’s not her natural home! Sarah’s vision and passion for the Creative industries lead to the birth of Fresh Seed; she believes strongly that there’s so much to celebrate and to be proud of in this sector. Our industry has some exceptional talent that’s plain to see, some incredible minds and some truly magical work. Engagement in this industry isn’t our problem, undoing perceptions that we’re the annoying little brother in the working world is!

And Fresh Seed wants to bring together business services especially focussed on this industry. Everyone who works with us shares the same vision: the sector had never looked so good, but it needs careful curation to continue doing what it does so well. What works in a traditional HR context doesn’t always fit the Creative Sector, so we have a fresh way perspective. We work with amazing businesses from amazing corners of the world to bring you some insights and some perception busting ideas about how work should be.

We have a team of associates we’ve carefully selected to work with you on whatever your challenge. From recruitment to coaching, you name it we’ve got it covered.