We are an HR Agency to the Media Industry. We are HR but not as you know it…

We are passionate about the Media and Creative industry. We believe in its power to create incredible things, to bring colour, excitement, vision and communication to our world in a way which is unique.

We understand the challenges faced by the industry for all its striving to create globally recognisable material. We are on your side.

We provide support to SME’s, Scaling up businesses, and exisiting HR teams across the Media industry. We understand and love all that you are and we believe that your growth and development is about positive working practices, as well as the talented people who develop the amazing production and work across the industry.

Unbound industry knowledge

We have a wealth of experience in people management and leadership.

Striving for better working practices

We are striving to provide better Mental Health provision.

Inclusive and collaborative

We believe stronger relationships create better outcomes.